15+ Eco-friendly & Handmade Gift Ideas

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2020 has been a demanding year for each one of us, and all of us undeniably require little pick-me-ups sometimes. So we thought, we’d help you send a few gifts of appreciation to the people who were there for you, and tokens of love to the people you wish to comfort.

Gifts are a way of reminding the people we care about of our presence and love. And with our unique collection of splendid handmade gifts, and special curations to appeal to your loved ones, we have something for everyone and for every occasion! Gifting something handmade and sustainable is always a beautiful way of showing someone you care about them enough to remember the little things they like. No matter which occasion, we have you covered!

Gifting is an act of joy- make it happier for the planet too by opting for sustainable gifts. High quality handmade gifts are sure to appeal to your loved ones, and will stay around for long too. Choosing for sustainable gifting also ensures a good working environment for the craftsmen and women who pour their hearts into making every little piece by hand.

With Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Chhat Pooja and the whole festive season coming up, we have curated a collection of a few things that will surely catch your eye:

1. TAN Dodo Slim Cork Wallet

Bless your loved ones with prosperity in the form of these cruelty-free, plastic-free green wallets made of cork- a natural material. This cork wallet is incredibly light and handy; and with multiple card and cash holding slots is an ideal gift for your boyfriend or your husband. It  is also water resistant and eco-friendly, making it a great eco-friendly gift for both men and women alike.

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2. Decorate your Home with Multipurpose Rangoli

Reusable rangoli? You heard it right. One of the best handmade gift ideas is a rangoli- you can use it all year round by switching to this product made of cork.
You can arrange it in any way you like and decorate your home. This also doubles as coasters, and wait- triples as fridge magnets too!
So many ways to use just one product, get creative, get an eco-friendly rangoli!

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3. Charcoal-free Incense Sticks

Everyone loves the mellow, divine smell of incense sticks. But in general practice, these are made from charcoal powder and hence pollute the air on burning.
You should try getting eco-friendly incense sticks that are made from real dried flowers that are collected from temples. Welcome the good energy and blessings right from god’s abode!

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4. LED Dream Catchers to Light up with Positive Vibes

Dreamcatchers have been known to make any place prettier, while bringing good vibes to it.
Get a beautiful handmade dreamcatcher with LED lights for the people you wish happiness upon. Want to know more about dream catchers? Check out our article on dreamcatchers and see how these can become a part of your home.

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5. Body care essentials

One of the safest bets, when you don’t know what else to give is pampering your loved ones with daily essentials like natural moisturisers and other skincare products. Whether you are looking for gifts for your husband or wife, a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, these are always great gift ideas!
A skincare enthusiast would always love more of it! What’s more, these are completely organic and natural, making them great for you, click here to see why.

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6. Ivory Wood Speaker from Channapatna

The best gift for your brother who loves music and is an eco-conscious audiophile is a handcrafted speaker made from bamboo.
It has a port to hold their phone in, and is a great acoustic amplifier for mobile phones. These speakers are 100% handcrafted and also coloured using natural dyes.
Who knew you could have amplifiers made of wood too? Try one yourself!

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7. Assorted Cookies

What’s better than some sweets for the festivities? Try our all-natural jars of cookies.
They make a great visiting present, and work well for return gifts as well. Even if you are looking for gifts for birthdays, these are an awesome option.
Available in various sizes and flavours, our handmade cookies are sure to woo your guests!

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8. Recycled Stationery

A thoughtful gift for the budding writers in your family would be stationery made out of recycled and handmade paper. These are also a great gift for your husband who is a workaholic and needs to make loads of notes.
Take a look at this hardbound journal set, complete with recycled pencils made with old newspaper, and a reusable cotton bag to carry them in!

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9. Say your Thank Yous to the Earth too!

A thoughtful gift for the budding writers in your family would be stationery made out of recycled and handmade paper. These are also a great gift for your husband who is a workaholic and needs to make loads of notes.
Take a look at this hardbound journal set, complete with recycled pencils made with old newspaper, and a reusable cotton bag to carry them in!

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10. Sustainable Cutlery Sets

Cutlery sets are the staple gift hampers no matter what the occasion is. This time, try gifting wooden cutlery to help reduce the carbon footprint.
Between coconut bowls, bamboo straws, and wooden plates there is just so much to choose from!
Check our eco-friendly kitchen utilities collection.

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11. Eco-friendly Water Bottles

Plastic bottles may look attractive, but soon they tend to start contaminating our drinking water with harmful microplastics. You really need to switch to non plastic bottles and make everyone switch as well!
Glass bottles are agreeably extremely beautiful, but carrying and caring for them every day becomes a task.
So give your loved ones copper water bottles this year. The copper ions that slowly release into the water are also beneficial to health.
Steel bottles can be used for a very long time and help keep your water free of contamination too.

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12. Handmade Jewellery

For the beautiful women in your life, you can get handcrafted jewellery, each piece just as unique as them. A great handmade gift for your girlfriend, who will love the special gift.
Your sister would love a pair of earrings and your daughter would definitely fancy our handmade moti pendant with a purple stone.
These accessories don’t cost you a fortune, and can be used in various ways- for a luncheon, daily wear or even as office wear!
Check out our collection of beautiful handmade jewellery and temple jewellery. Want to know more about temple jewellery? Read more here.

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13. Ceramic Jewellery Boxes

The beautiful jewellery also needs beautiful hand painted ceramic drawers coming out of a cute wooden shelf. Is it even possible for a gift to be better than this? So pretty, usable, environment-loving and also doubles as a great showpiece! These storage boxes are really the whole package.
Get them for your wife, mother, sister or daughter- there’s really no one who would not love these eco-friendly jewellery storage boxes.

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14. Water-resistant and eco-friendly backpacks

A practical gift that can be used everyday, a backpack is a great option to gift people of any age. Right from a school-going child, to a backpacker, everyone requires bags!
These eco-friendly bags ensure no usage of plastic or any other synthetic materials, and also come with the benefit of being water-resistant. Moreover, these last a very long time, hence cutting the need of buying bags more frequently.
Get one for your husband for his next trip with the guys.
Eco-friendly backpacks are great for you, and good for nature too!

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15. Eco-friendly bathroom utilities

Many brands and sellers offer special packages complete with bathroom utilities to help you be eco-friendly while still caring for your skin. These include everything from organic body washes, handmade soaps, bath salts, moisturisers and body oils.
Oral care is of extreme importance too, and we offer gift packages with bamboo toothbrushes, natural tooth powder and metal tongue cleaners. Safer for your health, and the earth too. And if you are seriously thinking of whether you should make the switch to bamboo toothbrushes, here’s an article that can help you decide if you should make the switch.

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So now you know, whether it is a handmade gift for your best friend’s birthday, or your parents’ anniversary, you can pick anything that is hand made with love for them. And if you’ve forgotten to get a gift for your boyfriend this Valentine’s day, we have got you covered with our range of men’s personal care products, sustainable backpacks, bamboo speakers and assorted cookies packages.

This mother’s day show her your appreciation by gifting your mother beautiful necklaces and earrings from our temple jewellery and handmade jewellery collections. Or maybe just get reusable rangolis and enjoy the festive spirit all year round in the little things.

No matter what, you will definitely find something to love!
Also, since these handmade gifts are literally made by hand, when you buy them, you’re supporting local businesses. So this is just us being vocal for local, and providing you with a plethora of gift options for the important people in your life. If you want more ideas, check this out for a wide range of gifting options!

Happy eco-friendly gifting!

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