Journey of Almitra Sustainables

The story of Almitra Sustainables commenced with the idea of “barefoot parenting” when Anamika and Biplab had their son Neo. Raising him ” naturally ” also marked the beginning of making conscious choices which are good for the environment. Going plastic free and eventually reducing waste became not only a lifestyle but an example for future generations. 

From this shift of lifestyle, the need for our own eco-friendly products arose which will make the journey simple for others too on a day to day basis.

Almitra Sustainables began with this simple thought.

About their Unique Products 

Our products are ethically sourced, with no child labour, cruelty-free and vegan. We try our best to even keep the packaging plastic free so that the least amount of waste goes into the landfills.

The thought of Almitra Sustainables was aligned with that of designing products which recycles elements which are otherwise considered as waste. The brand has been working extensively on a range Coir cleaning products, especially because Coir is one of the thickest and the strongest natural fibers. Coir is also highly resistant to abrasion while being strong and durable as well. Moreover, they can be used for an array of purposes, right from sweeping the floor, scrubbing the pot to even cleaning utensils. Products like bamboo toothbrush, neem comb and many others adorn the catalogue of Almitra Sustainables.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

Almitra Sustainables began with a vision and it was not to be a cash cow but to inspire and aid the world to live sustainably. To coexist and to try and make sure that sustainability becomes an everyday affair and not some magnanimous concept only applicable for a certain section of the society. Our dream is to make sure that we can make our future generations adopt a sustainable lifestyle and lead a better, greener future.