Alt Retail

Journey of ALT Retail

I started the company after I became a mother and I was looking for safer alternatives for my child. I stumbled upon bobo&boo (Our bamboo Dinnerware brand from Australia which is also started by another Mother) and I wanted to get them to India. That’s how we started with our first brand. We distribute bobo&boo exclusively in India. Our journey into safe, non-toxic and earth friendly alternatives made us look deeper into the products we were buying for my son. That’s where the idea of our own range of wooden toys took shape. Today, we distribute bobo&boo and have our own brand of wooden toys, that is 100% made in India, ALT Retail.

About their Unique Products 

Our range of wooden toys is 100% made in India with premium quality raw materials and our top most priority is Safety. From raw material to safety of its use, we rigorously ensure it is of top quality, safe for child use and earth friendly. 

Dreams & Goals for the Future
We intend to expand our range of toys and venture to other earth friendly materials as well like Fabric and Recycled paper.