Journey of Aphro

Perfume has a power to bring back the memories, the moment you have a first whiff.
The journey started when two individuals one hailing from design & engineering and the
other from business management, met together for their mutual love for fragrances. So
that’s how the journey from mere fragrance admirers to completely fall in love with an
art of perfumery begins.

About their Unique Products 

Currently, we have curated three unique fragrances for the market collaborating with
Perfumers Qualified from Grasse Institute of Perfumery – France. The products are
wholly made in India. The fragrances are inspired by art, music, movies and
architecture. The fragrances have 20% concentration of perfume. Fragrances have
IFRA certificate to make sure the quality of ingredients.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

The vision behind the APHRO is to create a luxury fragrance brand, which imbibes
minimalism, creativity and sustainability in every aspect of fragrance creation, be it
product design & development, marketing, customer satisfaction etc. we are thrilled to
launch more fragrances which are inspired from different global cultures and art.