Journey of Bamco

At Bamco, we believe that it’s not enough to be wise, you should be Earthwise so that you can help our nature to sustain. Our brand’s journey started when I was watching Shark tank on one fine evening due to my interest in different business ideas. Since the beginning, I have always wanted to do something that could make a difference in people’s lives. I still remember, while watching Shark Tank a guy came in with the coconut shell bowl for investment and that guy was offered 300k for an 18% stake but he rejected the offer, that guy was Jack the owner of Coconut Bowls. At that instant, I was completely hooked by the idea that how a simple coconut can be turned into a bowl that looks stunning and at the same time also becomes a vital part of our daily lives. And after this experience, I sat down and thoroughly came up with all the plastic products that we usually tend to use from morning till night which can be replaced with eco-friendly products. Let’s say Neem Toothbrush, Neem Tongue Cleaner, and Neem Wood Comb are purely made from neem wood and are a sustainable substitute for their plastic counterparts. Our exfoliating loofah is made from Vetiver Roots, Coconut Shell is made from discarded coconut and all our Coconut Wood Cutlery is made from coconut wood. This is how we kickstarted our journey at Bamco. We sincerely believe that in today’s world being wise is not enough we have to be Earthwise. This is something we truly live by. Now and

About their Unique Products 

We deal in a variety of daily need items such as Coconut Shell Bowl, Coconut Wood Cutlery, Pure Neem Wood Combs and many more products. Some of our products are partially handmade as they need a better finishing to be used perfectly. For instance, a Coconut Bowl needs to be perfectly buffed from the bottom so it remains perfectly stable & spill-proof. We don’t use any colour or any glue which contains plastic. Our plastic-free packaging is something that we are really proud of. We only use recyclable shipping boxes, water-activated paper tape and cellulose tape with plant-based glue to paste shipping labels. Above all, we don’t compromise on quality.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

The BamCo represents hope for a sustainable future. Thus, to make this dream a robust reality and to reach every household, we are currently looking to expand our product range. For this, we are constantly looking for newer and innovative alternatives which can replace plastic. As an emerging brand, we aim at educating everybody about the negative effects of plastic on our planet. We feel that it is really a matter of great concern and must be addressed as early as possible in a proper manner. And increasing the usage of eco-friendly products in our daily life is one way how we can deal with this issue. So, in this mission to make Earth a better place, we welcome you to join our Bamco family! Together we can manifold our efforts and contribute to make Earth a more eco-friendly place to live in. At last, I would like to say that today, being wise is not enough you should be Earthwise. That’s the slogan we live by and take every decision keeping the well-being of our planet in mind.