Journey of Bdiapers

Bdiapers is a patented design of hybrid diaper that works with chemical free disposable nappy pads. Bdiapers is my labour of love that came out of my own experience of diapering my 2 boys, now 5 and 10. As my first born was prone to rashes, I was constantly looking for a healthy and sustainable diapering solution that did not break the bank. I was tired of chemicals in disposables and cloth diapers were cumbersome. I wanted the best for my child, but the premium price tags on organic disposables were mocking my frugality. Bdiapers was designed to provide mothers like myself, a rash free, leak proof diapering solution that is healthy, affordable, convenient and as eco-friendly as can be without compromising on its functionality.

About their Unique Products 

Bdiapers is a patented design of hybrid diaper that works in a 2-part system with a cloth cover and a waterproof pouch that holds the disposable nappy pad. The cloth part doesn’t need a wash until it is soiled. The waterproof pouch that holds the reusable or disposable inserts are leak proof and unlike plastic they do not ‘crack’ over several hundreds of washes. The pouch helps separate the “cloth” from the “diaper” making it as close as possible to a disposable. The disposable nappy pads are bleach, fragrance and dye free making them hypoallergenic and easy on the baby’s delicate skin. Each and every aspect of the diaper is carefully designed stressing on safety and comfort. We are currently the only brand of Hybrid Diapers in India. Besides hybrid diaper, Bdiapers also has a range of healthy diapering accessories for evolved, conscious moms. These include the SafetyB Diaper fastener, Roll On Diaper Balm, Bottom Wash Spray and The Newbon Muslin Nappies

Dreams & Goals for the Future

We wish to be an established brand of healthy diapering solutions in India and abroad. We are hoping our design of diapers and our innovation will be understood and well received, and we will be happy if we are able to provide mothers with a new option to diaper between disposables and cloth. Our diapers are an eco-friendly, affordable alternative to single use disposable diapers. We hope to create more awareness amongst parents regarding chemicals in disposables and their harmful effects on babys health in the long run.