Journey of Brics LLP

The deep motivation to start an entity BRICS LLP is to offer safer alternatives to chemical
driven products using natural, plant-based ingredients. The thought process triggered while using conventional cleaning products to perform household chores which caused repeated skin irritation, eye irritation, nausea and various other ill effects to me and to my family members. This made us to make strong vision to work on safer and effective alternatives for chemical driven synthetic cleaning products using natural origin ingredients. While our primary education in native place, as the distant village dwellers the availability and affordability of the bathing soaps and detergents were difficult and the alternative option was natural soap and well known “Soap of India” i.e., Soap Nut and Shikakai as universal cleaning solutions. This was the trigger of thought which motivated us to explore viable options to use these valuable plant-based ingredients for developing natural cleaners which can suit for green lifestyle.

The founding team hailed from agriculture-based family and spent quite a lot of time in
research, academia and industry after their graduation. This helped us to understand
product development aspects, various other formulation technique and other necessary
skills. BRICS LLP incorporated in 2015, and we started our small-scale operation in a farm
house initially with our MVPs to use in home garden for insect management and disease
management. Later we started working on natural cleaners made using soap nut, shikakai
and other natural ingredients at small scale.

About their Unique Products 
The Motivation is on to create value addition to natural ingredients Soap nut and Shikakai to
develop Eco-friendly, Natural Cleaners to substitute harmful synthetic cleaners. The goal is to address the issues of excessive foam in Synthetic Detergents and other synthetic cleaning products, its eco-hazards and in turn it should help the citizens to recycle and reuse the spent water and to minimize the environment contamination. The natural ingredients Soap nut and Shikakai are known as Nature’s gift to Clean” and traditionally used as natural soap. However, the modern lifestyle with the culture of super consumption we are trained to use hazardous synthetic detergents and other cleaning products made of sodium and potassium derived inorganic salts, Sulphate and Phosphate derived surfactants, chelators,
preservatives and aromatic Benzene derivatives and synthetic dyes for its superlative benefits. These Synthetic ingredients are deleterious to the user, causes health hazards and also turn out to be detrimental to ecosystem.

EcoSwachh 3R Natural Home Care products and EcoSattva 3R Natural Personal Care
products are the trusted brands of BRICS LLP, engaged in development of efficient, safe,
Eco-friendly cleaning products to use in domestic and industrial / institutional use. The
home care products include fabric wash, dish wash, toilet cleaner and surface cleaner; while
personal care products are hand wash, shampoo, face wash and bath and body wash. The uniqueness in these product is, safer and effective alternative for chemical cleaners and
suits best for modern green lifestyle. Natural cleaning products are non-corrosive, non-
hazardous, safe to the user and biodegradable. The spent water can be reused or recycled
for secondary purpose.

Dreams & Goals for the Future
The dream is to become a natural cleaner warrior in near future where in we have clear
goals to offer various range of cleaning products to perform household chores which can efficiently replace synthetic cleaning products from our daily life. We want to create
awareness among people to use natural cleaning products which should save sizable
amount of water by reusing and recycling spent water. The goal is to offer sustainable
solutions which should be safe to user, earth friendly, kind on aquatic life systems and can
impact on health and wellbeing of the ecosystem.