Journey of Choomantarr

I had always been a believer in the quote that, “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will”. Dressing up in a unique manner and wearing something that defined my personality was always a thing in me. Someone once casually remarked when around me, that ‘Indian wear, especially sarees are not comfort wear” That basically sow the seed in mind for Choomantarr Woman. We started it with an aim bring about a delightful and unique twist to the traditional Indian Saree and Blouse. We wanted to make it a comfort wear; something to be worn regularly at workplace, or festivities, or lounging with friends or parties. We wanted to create designer Indian wear with a fusion of Western and Indian art. Of course, we knew it wouldn’t be an overnight success or that starting such a venture wouldn’t bring up some challenges.

About their Unique Products 

The biggest struggles we had to face were getting the right mix of fabric, bringing in the perfect vendors and most importantly reaching out to the buyers with the right message by connecting with them on a personal level. This personalization was what we wanted to be the USP of Choomantarr woman, hence it wasn’t very surprising when the turning point for the venture came in through interactions with the customers and customizing our outfits as per their needs and choices. At Choomantarr, we strive to keep a personal touch with each and every one of our customers by trying to understand their requirements.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

Priyam Mitra & Samrat Mitra – We are more like Tom & Jerry, one is the critic of another . Well an artistic mind always finds nuances and we have found a constructive way to channel our passion of art and creativity. A smile on our Choomantarr Woman face is what keeps us going.