Journey of Geosmin

We always believe that “we have borrows this wonderful planet from  the future generations to come and so it is our duty to return it to them  safely” and in order to achieve this ,we have realized sustainability is the only  mantra. Eco friendly products must soon replace their plastic and disposable counterpart.

About their Unique Products 

We produce products that have no DESIGN DEFECTS, which are compostable and yet have no compromise on usability and pleasure. Often we come across photographs of sea turtles carrying Q-tips, whales  having kilos of plastic in their stomach what not… We could not just classify  them as plastic pollution but should be vehemently classified as a DESIGN  DEFECT. We must take resources from nature and return it back to nature, all  that we need form nature is divine energy that’s passed on in the food chains  as food and products and the material remains must feed the sprout of a new  sapling which could again act as a carrier of energy.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

On the sourcing front we intend to continuously develop eco friendly  products via micro artisan clusters across India , help them sustain and  review the ancient art and inherited skills , treat the artisan fair . On the sales  front we market our products across the globe via digital and offline channels  by offering sustainable end to end solutions.
To bring this to action we start fine-tuning the existing products with the  artisan clusters and
introduce it to international market and drive  sales ,gradually understand the market needs and artisans capabilities to  continuously develop and promote world class products that are sustainable  and defect free.