Journey of GreenFootPrint

We at GreenFootPrint (GFP) believe that every single step counts, however small it may
seem, nothing goes waste!
On our personal zero waste journey, we realized that each one of us has the power to make a BIG difference, but most of us are clueless about it! Our journey then transformed into our mission- a mission to provide sustainable, accessible and affordable alternatives to plastic in our daily life.

About their Unique Products 

All our products are tried, tested and approved products with satisfaction and love.  Each product is ethically sourced, sustainable and not meant to last! Yes, you heard that right-
while the conventional plastic continues to pollute our oceans and add to the heights of the
landfills, we aim at sending everything back to earth in the best way we can. We ensure the process of cradle to grave for all our products are earth friendly. From recycled to naked packaging- we go that extra mile to ensure we stay committed to our promise to mother

Dreams & Goals for the Future

We want to break the myth that sustainable or eco friendly lifestyle is for the elite – we want to
make it affordable to any eco-conscious consumer and also attract the non believers to our tribe . After all, all the efforts however big or small will be needed to restore and revive our planet to great health! We commit to bring all natural, cruelty free, biodegradable and locally-made, everyday essentials in one place for our consumers. Where we spend our money will shape the world we live in, hence we encourage you to Buy Less, but Buy Better.