Journey of Kivu
Dr. Minal (our co-founder) is a practising dentist who fell in love with solar ovens in 2011. She has been cooking a variety of dishes using it and loved the immense health benefits that come with every bite of solar cooked food.

On several occasions, while interacting with rural women, she realized that many of them yearn for a sustainable source of livelihood that won’t demand them to leave their village or compromise on family priorities. Since rural India is blessed with ample open space, access to clear Sun and women have a natural aptitude for cooking, Minal wondered if solar ovens can be used to generate a respectable livelihood opportunity. So, she started experimenting with different food products and over the course of two years narrowed it down to cookies being a viable candidate.

As luck would have it, during the development phase she met Vaibhav, an Engineer turned marketeer who has helped establish some of the prominent brands in the organic food industry. With his deep understanding of Urban consumer demands, Vaibhav crafted the vision for the brand and narrowed down the focus to create healthy food that are either vegan or gluten-free.

About their Unique Products 
Kivu is the only brand in the world to bake healthy cookies exclusively in a Solar Oven, without using fuel, fire, wire or leaving any carbon emissions.

At Kivu, we believe that good food is the one that has a positive impact on the consumer, the producer, and the environment. Made with no refined flour, refined sugar or chemicals Kivu has five variants of cookies as below

Immunity boosting pair of Jowar (sorghum) based Ginger Lemon Vegan Cookies and Whole wheat-based Cinnamon Vegan Cookies that blends the goodness of several ayurvedic spices like cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, clove, chilli and ginger

Chocolate draped pair of protein-rich Choco Oats Vegan Cookies and super crunchy Coco Choco Vegan Cookies that are high in good fats and makes superfood more enjoyable for the kidsThe last one Rajgira Coconut Cookies is a special combination of coconut and amaranth that can satisfy your cookie cravings even during the fasts.

Dreams & Goals for the Future
We are looking at an organic growth as the demand multiplies and we get brand traction. By 2025 we plan to expand our operations in 10 clusters that’d cumulatively produce 500 kg of solar baked goods and provide sustainable livelihood to over 200 rural women.