Journey of Konco

I (tarun kopuri), began this entrepreneur journey because I was said and helpless when found out many brands are looting money from people of India in terms of sustainable and eco-friendly products and to stop fast fashion. when a middle class family person cannot reach these in the price point, then how can we convert people into slow fashion, so i thought of starting my own apparel brand to sell these products at the most reasonable and low cost possible.

About their Unique Products 

we at KONCO deal with only naturally grown products like SUPIMA, TENCLE, HEMP and ETC. We provide graphic designs or trendy designs over these SUSTAINABLE products. And last but not the least, we are proud to say that we are first of a kind to provide alterations according to the given body measurements of the buyer, so that the user need not go to the local tailor to get it altered.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

Want to see this brand in every household of Indians.

Will strive more harder to sell at the least most possible prices.

Want to try new fabrics and new products.