Journey of Kritenya

Started as a freelance after quitting job as a designer, to work with beautiful handwoven textiles of Assam, in 2012. Slowly we registered ourselves as a brand in 2014. We also wanted  to engage the ladies from the underprivileged families living around us, who knew stitching and handwork, but still had to do odd jobs to support their livelihoods. So we used to get the fabrics from the women weavers of Assam and started to get the stitching jobs done in Delhi. Slowly we started working with weavers of Bihar too, as we wanted to explore more possibilities of handwoven unique fabrics. It was my husband Anil’s idea to market it as an eco conscious brand and we very carefully choose with whom we should sell. We started selling online, supplying to stores and exports, all of them who support our initiative.

About their Unique Products 

Our products are all made of natural fabrics, right from Cottons, to Eri silk, Pure wool, Linen Cotton, Linen. We are trying to add hemp fabrics too. These fabrics are not only natural but are sustainable, and have a long life. We also try to minimize fabric waste, since our fabrics are the hard work of our team, so we started our upcycled range of accessories, where we use all tits and bits to make pouches of different types to keyrings and charms. Even the embellishments we use are from natural products like wood or sea shells.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

We are trying to follow the slow fashion norm, as it helps even our weavers to cope up with the pressure of weaving something new each two months and less wastage of fabrics, rather we try developing and creating new concepts on the same fabric and fibre till we see no other new creative idea for it. And by that time we keep looking for new options to work on for next season. Since we use all cottons inside our bags too, it makes all our products eco friendly. We aim to become one of a kind company which creates sustainable and eco friendly bags and accessories. We do have a huge competition with the companies who quickly change their collection to fit the market. We rather try to make people used to our products, not just because it is trending but because it’s a value for your money. Our products can be a part of your wardrobe as long as you want, no matter which trend comes and goes.