Journey of Ksamah

It’s not about saving the Planet, it’s about saving ourselves – a very beautiful and apt saying by Sir David Attenborough. We at KSAMAH find it so apt and true, that it is us humans who need to be saved – because we are selfish and with that selfishness we bring harm to Earth’s life cycles and other living beings on Earth.

Your work fills a large part of your life, and I Pragati Dhanuka (Co-Founder) is truly satisfied to be a part of KSAMAH at this juncture of my life. My eco- conscious journey began with following the recycle / reduce waste ways of my family for many years and also my brother who was associated with the Save Aarey Movement of Mumbai City. Being an introvert and a private person – I loved being at sea, and beaches, watching waves was my medicine. It used to give me peace. But through the past years, Mumbai’s beaches are like walking through plastic bags & plastic bottles. I then thought of empowering my life in its second innings – also giving Earth a last chance it deserves with this sustainable start-up Ksamah (pronounced as sha-ma-h), which is derived from a Sanskrit word – means ‘Pure as God’. Its idea is to aid each and every citizen of the world to do their small bit to prevent #EarthCrisis.

About their Unique Products 

Each and every product is designed with a lot of thought about the environment and is based on a wild life theme. We have launched BOXES (Ecological Start-up Kits, Office Ecological Boxes, Home Boxes, Travel Boxes, etc.) where in one shot you get a chance to reduce approx. 50% of the Carbon footprint. We have introduced curated gift boxes, for those who can contribute more to the environment while also saving on carbon footprints of their loved ones. Rethinking on gifting ideas is what we are trying to promote by making a little extra effort for the loved ones and also for the Planet!

Dreams & Goals for the Future

We want our young generations to pick up an eco-friendly lifestyle, secondly we want the
Corporates to adopt and switch to eco-friendly products for their employees and for gifting solutions. We also want people to change their gifting ideas and opt for more eco-friendly options during weddings or any family functions. Also, we strive to make the MADE IN INDIA trend shine.