Journey of Label Monk

Hi guys, I am Tanvi Bansal from Label Monk, would like to introduce us and take you all to our memorable journey. Our love for natural and sustainable fabrics is where everything began. Monk hasn’t appeared overnight. It’s taken many a rolled-up sleeve, late nights, and steely determination. We are a sustainable fashion brand and we’ve been curating sustainable styles since 2019. We completely believe in choosing the right and conscious choices for a greener and cleaner world and be kind to the environment. We’re very proud to have grown organically as an independent brand, work at the root level with artisans and stockists that share our mission to live more thoughtfully by creating sustainable, designed-to-last style.

Our biggest passion is working with rural artisans to sustain traditional craft techniques and textiles, by collaborating directly with them. Thus far, we have an ongoing partnership with 4 craft clusters across India that enables us to design original textiles and handmade garments. Our aim is to bridge the gap between age old craftsmanship and modern wardrobes. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to uphold the highest ethical and environmental standards. Monk’s design philosophy is based on comfort, simplicity and boldness that defines a modern woman versatility with Classic and Coveted Style. Monk combats fast fashion by supporting domestic and locally sourced handmade fabrics of the highest quality. We would like to thank Wudbox Team to provide us this opportunity by sharing the same mission and increase awareness about sustainable fashion and help us acknowledge our brand’s journey in the field of sustainable and circular fashion.

About their Unique Products 

Label Monk is a sustainable clothing brand that believes in minimal, contemporary, and versatile design philosophy which is based on comfort, simplicity and boldness. Our products are made from natural and sustainable material, and we deeply care about the environment and its people. Keeping
in with our principle all our garments are handcrafted, organic and functional apparel that does not harm the environment.
We make products that are designed to last, timeless and not trend-driven, inspired by natural design and materials, and influenced by the Indian culture we grew up in. I would say Tropical, light and airy to denote our brand’s timeless and relaxed vibe: all fabrics in our collection’s range are natural and breathable; the colour palette is soothing and neutral with a brief pop of colour and light detailing; the silhouettes are light, fluid and effortless.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

As we look up to the horizon, we envision to uplift and empower around 30-35 artisanal families & give employment to 10-15 women workers through our brand by 2025. We are also working to export our products to more consumers across the globe who have committed themselves towards sustainable fashion and support ethical living. We also aim to work with more sustainable materials so that gallons of water & pounds of carbon dioxide waste can be saved during productions and also promote hand-crafted products made in India. We run a reforestation program where we donate a portion of our revenue to restore ecosystem across the country by planting more trees in areas that have been affected by deforestation or forest fires. We aim to bring positive awareness to the impact of deforestation on the environment through our internal initiatives. We are also planning to participate in community events such as Meat free week or plastic free week. And ENVISION –

  • Empower artisans to succeed & bring together artists community through our work.
  • Sell our design-driven work
  • Support local craft community.
  • Redefine handmade and contemporary art