Journey of Lukka Chuppi

I did my Masters in Sculpture where my main material was fabrics. I always had an inexplicable attachment with clothes, especially old ones. So much that I would struggle to part with clothes that had to be discarded due to their age. One day, I used a bunch of these fabrics to fashion a few badges and fridge magnets. That’s it. I was hooked. I enjoyed the process so much that I kept on experimenting and before I knew it, I found my calling.

About their Unique Products 

As much as I hate answering the “favourite child” question, I would say I’d go with the latest – Round & Box Clutch collection. The recent series in particular, embodies the various journeys, discoveries and techniques that I’ve spent almost a decade working on. It’s collapsible and has an element of self-assembly that makes the owner feel like truly “owning” the product. The clutch also comes with two sleeves so that the clutch changes looks to match the occasion.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

The future is a mystery and I prefer it that way. It inspires me to work closely with the project on hand and see how Lukka Chuppi grows organically. Gun to the head, I’d say I dream of a time when upscaling is the norm that’s embraced by corporates and families alike.
Redefine how spaces are utilised. We wish to be a part of the catalyst that lets sustainability meet corporate efficiency.