Journey of Organic-B

Organic B was founded on 1st February 2020 by Shahrukh Kibriya and Dawar Zama. We both lives an area which is adjacent to Okhla Industrial area. In Okhla Industrial area there is a landfill with the name of Okhla Landfill. We have seen this landfill grow day by day and today it stand at a height of approx 58 meter. One day we were crossing that landfill and was casually discussing about amount of waste being dumped there everyday. We went there and talked to few people who used to work there and we were surprised to know about the quantity of waste being dumped there every day. On enquire more , we got to know that majority of the waste is some form of plastic. Be it plastic wrappers or sigle use plastic bags. On our way home we both thought that  we should do something about it. Days passed by but nothing was happening. Dawar came accross a blog about bamboo toothbrush, He imediately share the blog with me. We were so shocked to see that something like bamboo Toothbrush exists.We were very convinced with the idea of using bAmboo Toothbrush Instead of plastic Toothbrush. From that day we start our hunt for eco-friendly products which can replace our Plastic ones. This is how our journey started.

About their Unique Products 

We have wide range of products. We are currently more focused on daily use items like Toothbrushes, combs, loofah or water bottles. We have Products which occues naturally on earth like wood , copper etc. Our products lineup is very different , we have Toothbrush which are made up of neem wood and babool wood, which is unheard of.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

We have a dream of making India as one of the less polluted country in the world. Our goal is to provide these type of sustainable products to masses at a very affordable price