Journey of Thenga

THENGA started in 2019 with an aim to bring natural coconut shell products from Kerala to urban consumers, who are keen to move towards a sustainable living. It was founded by Maria Kuriakose, after she quit her corporate job in Mumbai to return to her hometown in Kerala to work on a sustainable business with agricultural products from Kerala. She experimented with coconut shells available at home initially to then develop a range of daily use articles made completely out of coconut shells under the brand Thenga (which means coconut in Malayalam)

About their Unique Products 

Our products include coconut shell bowls, cutlery, cups, candles, hanging planters etc. Our products are unique as they are completely natural and polished with coconut oil without any varnish pleasing the urban consumers who are trying to switch back to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our USP- Stylish, Eco-friendly, Durable, Affordable and Practical.
– Unlike other eco- friendly materials like wood, paper – no trees are being cut in the process of making coconut shell products.
– Innovative product, for consumers who look out for a variety and difference from usual products.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

 Introduce our product range in the international market.- Improve our product portfolio to include packaging solutions- To be an impact driven business supporting our artisans as well as serving our customers with the best environment friendly products.