Journey of ThoughtFoodz

It all started with the need to make Chyawanprash at home for our 1 year old daughter as we wanted a genuine non-preservative free product for our little one. So my mother-in-law Anita Jain tried making it from a passed on recipe and it turned out really nice. Slowly friends and family asked to make for them as well. Understanding the need to make it more nutritious and wholesome and to serve a larger community, we did a lot of corrections in recipe with my nutrition knowledge to produce our Beyond Chyawanprash which has been balanced nutritionally and has a been a huge success in consumer market with the rich taste as well. This was picked up by my husband, Amit Jain, who visioned ThoughtFoodz and further motivating my father-in-law, Mukesh Jain’s, organic farming and cruelty free dairy farming dream to reality and that is how Taroba Nature Farm was born in our Native Rajasthan. Our motto is to deliver goods from nature which are good for you in the purest form.

Dr. Isha Bafna Jain (PT)
Physiotherapist, Antenatal Coach, Nutritionist, Proud mother of 2 daughters and Co-founder at ThoughtFoodz

About their Unique Products 

ThoughtFoodz is all about our farm to table approach to make each of the ingredients shine and add more goodness and nutrients to your daily food.

Our Logo denotes age old food traditions, women empowerment, fresh, nutritious, handpicked and delicious. Our tagline, It’s in our nature literally means our belief and philosophy are rooted in nature and from nature. With ThoughtFoodz we want people to be more aware about healthy ancient practises which have been forgotten in advancements which promises good health. Products featured in our online store as Cold Pressed Oils, Health Foodz and much more for certified organic products are all chemical-free, toxin-free, USDA Certified Organic Products that we stand behind and entrust even with our own personal health and well-being.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

  • To help people live a better, healthier, and wholesome life by providing them REAL food.
  • To be the leading brand of organic products.
  • To give back to the environment and advance on a path to sustainability gradually.
  • To revive the traditional homemade recipes and make it accessible to each home.
  • Spreading awareness about food as medicine and helping people understand choosing the right products.