Journey of White Light Elements

In a beautiful winter of 2016, a desire rose. A desire that was kindled by a reflection of a
happy, peace and blissful life. This transpired into a genuine intention to make Earth a happier place and enhance its positivity. A common desire, A vision and an intention were enough to bring them together, join hands and set off on a journey to turn this into reality!
Three people joined hands and blended in their experience, knowledge, creativity and above all, their common goal to ‘spread happiness and peace. A happiness platform was created. A platform that aspired to reach every corner of the Earth and spread happiness in the lives of all beings. Eventually, White Light Elements was incepted.

About their Unique Products 

All the products have individual concepts that are associated with Conscious Feel Practices such as gratitude, mindfulness, awareness, forgiveness, relaxation and many more. The Concept – how one can imbibe or adopt the conscious feel practice, for E.g. gratitude, in their daily schedule, easily. All our products are uniquely designed, well – conceptualized in depth, made from Natural seasoned reclaimed Teak wood Sustainable, Eco Friendly that connect to Conscious lifestyle Practice which brings lots of positive change in life. All our products are connected to life & beyond and playing vital role as a medium to bring change into the lifestyle towards mindfulness.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

Spreading happiness and peace in every being through conscious & sustainable lifestyle.