Journey of Woods & Petals

India has always been home to many tribal cultures. Simple ways of living, hospitable and dependence on nature are the basic traits of these cultures. Born into an army family, I travelled the expanse of the country, especially the north-eastern region by virtue of my father’s job. An MBA by qualification, I eventually started working in the hotel Industry. However, my heart was always somewhere in that region. After 12 long and strenuous corporate lifestyle years, I decided to quit my job and take a trip back to the north-east to relax. I felt like I understood the tribes and their culture in the north-east well and felt a connection with them. One thing that stuck with me during this trip was the poverty-stricken condition of the tribes and the intricacy of art in their culture. Observing some NGOs dedicated to the welfare of tribal women and the social entrepreneur in her found her calling. Back home in Gurgaon, I got together a group of women from NGOs focused on these tribal belts and ‘Woods and Petals’ was born.

About their Unique Products 

Being an hotelier, there was all ready an exposure to the beauty and therapeutic usage of exotic flowers. Taking this further, I developed products using natural ingredients that are handmade and organic. Inspired by the virgin and unadulterated life of the tribes living in the north-eastern region, the products ensure a unique and refreshing experience. The natural herb powders and handcrafted bags are the best-selling products. A biker and road-traveler, I try to ensure that art in our tribal villages finds the exposure it deserves. We believe, Woods and Petals can truly be a pioneer in showcasing tribal art.

Dreams & Goals for the Future

We hope to take this venture worldwide , for people throughout the world to access our exotic products.