Sarees are a staple in every Indian womans wardrobe- the ethereal and ethnic appeal of sarees is unmatched and beats even the most trendy outfits. And a handwoven saree is a cut above the rest- made with love and finesse by trained artisans using their hands.

Handloom Sarees are a traditional textile art of India and Bangladesh and a single saree can take at least two to three days to complete. They are a major source of livelihood for rural India and form a major part of the cottage industry in India. Nearly 44 lakh families are involved in hand weaving and put in hard work and long hours to bring you the most stunning and beautiful designs.

In addition to contributing to the economy, handloom sarees have plenty of reasons that make them desirable.

  • Uniqueness: You would not find someone else draped in a handloom saree same as you
  • Exclusivity: Because of the unique designs and hand woven patterns, the saree makes you stand out in a crowd
  • Comfortable: The fabric is breathable and light, in addition to being easy to drape
  • Eco friendly: The sarees are made from natural dyes and are hence good for our environment
  • Sustainable Fashion: The use of a handloom is not dependent on electricity and therefore creates a great model of sustainability.

Handloom sarees are a beacon of Indian culture and a celebration of womanhood- a true heritage that represents who we are. With so many celebrities from India and abroad draping the handloom saree, it is a fashion trend that is eternal and undying.