Jewellery is truly one of the closest friend a woman has. It adorns her, stays with her and makes her feel special- truly what a friend does. And jewellery is not just an accessory, it is a part of a womans personality and her very being.

Many celebrities are now promoting subtle and reasonable priced jewellery instead of diamonds and solitaires (of course diamonds will always be diamonds!). The trend of artificial jewellery is therefore catching up and you can see many women, celebrities and otherwise, wearing artificial jewellery to match their attire.

Whether it is Boho earrings and necklaces, Choker necklaces, Pom pom earrings, thread bangles, large necklaces or small danglers, jewellery that is handcrafted is both beautiful and unique. Because it is handmade, it is a single piece that has been made and would not be repeated. You can be sure that nobody else will have the same necklace or earring or bangle that you have if it is handcrafted.

With so much hard work and love going into making of each item of jewellery, the actual jewellery represents the love of two people- you and the person who crafted it. And wearing so much love on you is sure to make you happier and more beautiful.

Artists from around the country are now making these beautiful jewellery items for you and you can buy an item that goes with your outfit for a special occasion or one that matches your entire wardrobe! Is it your graduation? Or a Sangeet function? Or an office outing? Or a College function? A special day with your loved one? You can look cool, classy and elegant with exclusive and unique handmade jewellery without worrying about the hit on your pocket.