Sarees are a staple in every Indian womans wardrobe- the ethereal and ethnic appeal of sarees is unmatched and beats even the most trendy outfits. And a handwoven saree is a cut above the rest- made with love and finesse by trained artisans using their hands.

One of the most beautiful type of handloom saree is the kalamkari saree. Kalamkari is a type of hand painted or block printed cotton textile made in Iran and India. The gorgeous sarees are made with only natural dyes and are extremely popular and the full print on the fabric gives a royal look on a light and airy saree- an ideal combination.

There are basically two kinds of kalamkari- painted or block printed. Whichever style of kalamkari is used, the end result is sheer magnificence. The design can depict leaf motifs, temple motifs, flower motifs or scenes from epics like Ramayana or Mahabharata in the most intricate of detailing. The colours are derived from various roots, leaves and mineral salts of iron, tin, copper and alum- making it a fully eco friendly and sustainable manufacturing practice. Other ingredients for the colours and designs are seeds, plants and crushed flowers along with buffalo milk.

  • Uses natural dyes and no chemicals are used in its making
  • Eco friendly
  • Hand designed which ensures exclusivity and uniqueness
  • Each saree tells a story through its design

Kalamkari sarees are a beacon of Indian culture and a celebration of womanhood- a true heritage that represents who we are. With so many celebrities from India and abroad draping the handloom saree, it is a fashion trend that is eternal and undying.