One of the most Indian fabrics of all is Khadi, which is a hand spun or hand woven natural fabric found in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Probably the most vivid image of khadi is Mahatama Gandhi spinning the wheel and making the cloth. Today, khadi has much more than just heritage value. It is cool, classy and ethnic- all rolled into one.

A versatile fabric that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter has been steadily gaining popularity among fashion circles and is preferred by many designers these days. And sarees made of khadi are light, breezy and gorgeous.

Sarees are a staple in every Indian woman’s wardrobe- the ethereal and ethnic appeal of sarees is unmatched and beats even the most trendy outfits. And a handwoven khadi saree is a cut above the rest- made with love and finesse by trained artisans using their hands. Not only are khadi sarees cool and classic, but have several specialities that make them a favourite for women all around the world.

Versatile fabric: Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter
Uniqueness: You would not find someone else draped in a handloom saree same as you
Exclusivity: Because of the unique designs and hand woven patterns, the saree makes you stand out in a crowd
Comfortable: The fabric is breathable and light, in addition to being easy to drape
Sustainable Fashion: Khadi is made by hand spinning and the saree made on a handloom, making it totally eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment