Step 1:

Click on the “Login” tab at the upper right corner, enter your username and password and log in into your account

After you Login following screen will appear on your computer screen:


Step 2:

Click on the “Start Selling” Tab in the left column:



Step 3: You will be directed to a view as below after clicking on “Start Selling”:

Step 4: Click on the “Add New Product” tab on the screen:



Step 5:

Add PRODUCT NAME in the area marked with arrow below:


Step 6:

Add PRODUCT DESCRIPTION in the area marked with arrow below:


Step 7:

Choose PRODUCT CATEGORY in the area marked with arrow below, just in case your category is not available you can leave it blank and we will add the required category:

Step 8:

Add PRICE of your product in the area marked with arrow below:

Step 9:

Add Product code – Add in yellow highlighted area; use the unique code provided to you

Add stock quantity(Optional) in yellow highlighted area; the stock status will turn to “out of status” when the documented stock quantity gets sold.

You can click on “Sold Individually” if your product is available only in single piece      


Step 10:  

Add Shipping Fee (Optional) in the yellow highlighted area:

Step 11:

Add number days you will take to get the prdouct dipatched  in the DISPATCH DAYS (Highighted with yellow)

Add the “number” of the amount of days that will be taken.

Step 12:

Add main display picture of product in the PRODUCT IMAGE (Blue arrow)

Other images of product to be added in the ADD PRODUCT GALLERY IMAGES (Orange arrow)  Image Size- 960 X 960 Px, White or a Neat Background  


Step 13:

Submit your product for review after you have filled in all the details:

Once we review the product we will publish it within 48 hours or recommend changes if any

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Adding Variable Products (Different size, colour etc.)

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Adding Simple Product

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