Avnii Organics Natural Shikakai (Acacia Concinna) Powder For Hair Growth Pack | Excellent Hair Conditioner & Cleanser-100gm


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HAIR GROWTH SUPPORT: Supporting hair growth has been coming down for ages. Shikakai powder when mixed with henna powder and yogurt adds shine to your hair and also supports hair growth.

  • ACT AS A CLEANSER: It acts as a hair cleanser. Although it does not work up a rich lather, it cleans your hair effectively without any harsh effects to the hair or scalp.
  • HEALING PROPERTIES: When Shikakai paste mixed with turmeric paste is applied to cuts and bruises, it gets cured.
  • ANTI-OXIDANT: The anti-oxidants help repair damaged hair and prevent split ends. It also stops hair from getting brittle and coarse.
  • CONTROL HAIR FALL: The vitamins and anti-oxidants support curbing hair loss and as a result, cures balding too. : It helps in building up hair strength and prevents hair fall.

HOW TO USE: Mix 2g powder with 1ml water to form a paste. Part your hair & apply the paste from root to tip. Leave it on for minimum 6 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water & use a mild shampoo.

Stunning shikakai comes infused with a Swiss twist in the form of shikakai powder. Known as a great source of essential vitamins. Its vitamin c content, especially, helps promote hair growth by giving your scalp a collagen boost. It is also a great source of antioxidants that help prevent free-radical damage. For the skin, It helps it keep hydrated and moisturized along with gently cleansing it. Let your hair feel the Indian goodness of henna mixed with a unique formula. The virtues of henna mixed with the technology of swiss to give you the best possible bath you can imagine!. A therapeutic formulation made to make your hair feel a lot better. Henna powder stains, protect clothes and other surfaces. A scent so alluring, you want to reapply it with every chance you get. Moisturize and rejuvenate your hair with every use. The powder formulation makes it easy to apply and retains the color without damaging your hair. Thinking of giving your hair a twist? You need to opt for Alps Goodness henna powders.

Product Weight: 100 gms

Ingredients: Pure Shikakai

Benefits: Best Hair Cleanser Good for Skin

Shelf Life: 2yrs

Gender: Male, female, Teenagers

Age Group (Adults/Children/Baby/All): 16+



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