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This finely-blended powder of 100% natural herbal bath powders will condition and moisturize your skin every time you use it! We place a lot of thought in each ingredient we add to our formulas in order to ensure that it not only provides the best effect on your beauty, but also makes sure it is fresh and healthy. This herbal bath powder made with natural ingredients allows you to rediscover your real self. Ideal for the bath rinse, body wash or foot soak. Made from 100% natural ingredients like Green gram, Vetiver, Avaram Senna flower and Fenugreek.

Ingredients: Green gram, Indian sarsaparilla, Vetiver, Nut grass, Goose berry, Harde whole, Beteric Myrobalan, Fenugreek, Aloe vera, Avaram Senna flower, Soap berry, Neem.

Benefits: Cleanses, Moisturizes and protects skin. Improves smoothness and glow. Gives natural fragrance and refreshes body. Prevents skin disease.

How to Use: Mix required quantity in water to form a thin paste. Apply all over body. Scrub and leave it for few minutes. Wash thoroughly.

Shelf Life: 12 Months

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm

We are delighted to introduce you our all-natural personal care product line from Narpavee, focused on skin & hair care. Our products are hand-made with utmost care to ensure we use all-natural ingredients. These ingredients were carefully crafted to ensure that no chemical preservatives, artificial dyes or colors even came close to the products we are offering. We use a combination of traditional recipes handed down through many generations to handpick the right ingredients mix to ensure we retain the freshness & originality.

We have evaluated our products for common problems like allergy, irritancy etc. (which are mostly caused due to the chemicals used as preservatives in other products). Our products being all-natural, we are happy to say we have great positive feedback from people who have used that.


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