Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is different from conventional coconut oil, as it is extracted from fresh coconut milk using cold pressed method.

Method of extraction:

Fully matured fresh coconuts are opened and only white coconut meat is used to extract coconut milk, from which VCO is seperated using centrifugal technology. This method of extraction helps retain all the possible nutrients like Lauric acid which is available in natural form only in mother milk. This is the reason VCO is often called as mother of all oils.

Lauric acid helps in improved levels of immunity and over all well being. VCO can be consumed directly 2 TSP daily which results in better cholesterol ratio, decline in bad cholesterol, increased metabolism and better immunity.

  • Ideal for dietary supplement. For healthy hair, skin and heart. Best baby massage oil.
  • For healthy metabolism and improves immunity levels.
  • Strengthens hair from roots and an excellent conditioner.
  • It is one of the best skin nourisher and moisturizer.
  • Using VCO for baby massage helps imporve the health of baby skin.
  • It is one of the best available hair oil and conditioner which has innumerable benifits since ages.
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Coasta Naturals is an premium brand exclusively into high quality Coconut value added products. Its 100% cold pressed coconut products using hand picked finest quality coconuts from coastal Andhra region.
We source our coconuts directly from coconut farmer producer companies and believe in and ensures every stake holder get his fair portion of the value chain.
Coconuts are always into the super food category since ancient Ayurvedic times in Indian subcontinent. Due to its availability factors it was limited to southern Indian staple cuisine until recently. Now at this new age coconut has regained its status of healthy and superfood status. It is a favorite cosmetic and edible fat all over the world.