Green tea blended with dried ginger giving you maximum benefit. Reducing carbon footprint: Hygienically packed in biodegradable packs with zip lock for minimum loss of its delicate aroma . Can be easily tucked into your bag and taken to work or pleasure.

Features : Most of our teas are sourced from small and marginal tea growers who strive to cultivate environmentally sustainable tea. We bring Premium quality teas to you. Natural blend of Whole leaf green tea with dried ginger

Benefits : Green tea is derived without fermentation. While benefits of green tea is well known for having antioxidant properties , reducing weight and increasing metabolism. Ginger prevents nausea, muscle pain and soreness. Alleviates headache. It is known to give relief from chronic indigestion. It is also known to help prevent cancer and lower blood cholestrol levels.

Quantity : 10 tea bags

Ingredients : Darjeeling green tea with ginger

Type : Herbal/ayurvedic

Directions to use :1. Place one pyramid in a cup of boiling water .

2. Let it brew for 4 minutes or till it reaches it desired strength. It will acquire a pale golden liquor with a subtle taste and a refreshing aroma of ginger

3. Should be taken without cream or milk.

4. Add sugar or honey as per taste. inger.

Best before : Best before 2 years from date of pkg.


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