Denim Blue Trendy Tablet Sleeve 7 Inch


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Just imagine that your are sitting with your friends and take out your tablet to show them some cool stuff on it. They look at it and are just wowed by the uber chic denim look of your tablet. Wouldn’t that feel just so good to see the expression of amazement and appreciation on their faces. That is what this tablet sleeve is going to do, turn eyes! The cool denim look for your Tablets is also in a planet friendly style. Made from wholesome natural fibres, the classic jeans look for your Tablets makes it your Eco buddy. The nifty pocket on the sleeve helps you carry a whole bunch of stuff like your earphones, pen, rubber band, keys, iPod etc in addition to your tablet. Don’t wait and complete your Eco attire with this super cool sleeve!

Size: 8.5 inch x 6.5 inch

Material: Denim with firm and sturdy padding of Jute

Colour: Denim blue

Best suited for: Tablets upto 7 inches

Features: Flap with magnetic closure; pocket on the sleeve

Care: Lightly iron to restore pristine look

Shipping: Free shipping all over India

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