Earl Grey Imperial Whole Leaf Black Tea (Pack of 2)


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Country of Origin: India

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Earl Grey by teaGraft is a blend of Assam Black tea and Bergamot oil which gives the tea a citrus flavour. This classic tea is one of the most recognized flavoured teas in the world. We have kept its original light, fragrant and distinctive bergamot flavour so that you enjoy the Earl Grey at its finest. It contains caffeine in good quantities which makes it a great energy booster. The Bergamot oil helps to boost a person’s mood and thus helps to overcome stress.


1. It may not have as much as a kick as coffee, but it contains enough caffeine to give you a nice little afternoon boost.

2. Earl Grey contains high quantities of antioxidants, which help our bodies to fight off free radicals that cause diseases such as cancer.

3. One of the most popular effects of Earl Grey tea is weight loss. This is primarily due to its citrus extract.

4. Unlike the effects of coffee, Earl Grey tea relaxes and soothes the body almost instantly.

Quantity: 50 gms

Ingredients: Black Tea blended with Bergamot oil

Brewing instructions:

Boil water at 95 – 100°C.

Add 2gm tea in 200ml water and let it brew for 5 minutes

Add sugar or honey as required

Best without milk

Type : Natural Ingredients

Care Instructions:  Store in a cool place and dry place

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