Christmas has many aromatic smells that evoke family moments, celebrations, the sound of uncorking bottles of champagne that sensation of vitality, euphoria and emotion! This fruity, spicy, festive scent combination is as traditional as they come. The intoxicating aroma of oranges instantly brightens up those long winter nights, and it does wonders to freshen up a cold, stuffy space.

Ingredients: Essential oils of Cedarwood, Lemon, Bergamot

1.Cedarwood (5ml) 

  • Cedarwood essential oil is derived from the needles, leaves, bark, and berries of cedar trees.
  • It is calming & elevating, an anti-depressive, very helpful in breathing problems.
  • It is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and insecticidal.
  • It soothes itchy and irritated scalp and improves hair growth.
  • It can be used as a mosquito-repellent, cleansers, in soaps and aftershave, massage oil, bath, inhalation and aroma lamp.

2.Lemon (5ml)

  • Lemon essential oil is a completely natural ingredient that also serves as a home health remedy.
  • It is powerful calming and mood-improving agent, it relieves stress, perks up your mood, boost concentration, soothe a sore throat, helps you breathe easily, kill breakouts causing bacteria, and also has anti-fungal properties.

3.Bergamot (5ml)

  • Reduces anxiety & fatigue, fights food poisoning, reduces pain & inflammation, has antibacterial properties and is effective for acne spot treatment.
  • It soothes irritated scalp and soften the hair.

How to Use:

1. Aromatherapy: Use 3-4 drops of essential oils with ceramic diffusers to diffuse aroma.
2. Home: Essential oils can be effectively used through the sense of smell in candles, bed linen, wardrobes, and potpourri. Or make your DIY cleaning solutions with diluted essential oils.
3. Topical Application: Pure Essential oils are always diluted with carrier oils such as Sweet Almond/ Jojoba/ Virgin Coconut oil before use on body, skin & hair, and in the bath. Dilute the oils in the ratio of 1 drop of essential oil per 1-2 tablespoon of carrier oil before topical use on the skin, body, and hair. Use 1-3 drops in hot water for a steam treatment over the bowl. Essential oils do not stay mixed with water and should never be added to bathwater without first being diluted.

CAUTION: Do not use oils internally. A patch test is required to check for skin irritation and sensitivity before using each essential oil. Essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy or by those with asthma, epilepsy, or other health conditions. Do not apply to infants, toddlers, and babies. Safe for kids above 5 years. Needs to be diluted further. E.g. 1 drop in 2 tablespoons of carrier oil. Discontinue use if redness, burning, irritation, or itching occur. Follow warnings, precautions, and seek medical attention for any problems.

Age Group: Adults Only

Gender: M/F

Quantity: 15ML

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 5 cm

The idea of Earthshala was born amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19. This was when we realized how important it is to declutter one’s worries, to rejuvenate one’s body and to revitalize one’s mind in everyday life. While following and studying Ayurveda in the day-to-day life since childhood, we realized the advancement in the field of technology has done nothing to reduce stress and mayhem in the daily life. We found our solution in the ancient holistic Ayurveda practices. We at Earthshala want to offer solace to people from their stressful life. It just needs acceptance as a way of life and not as a luxury.The 3000-year old Indian herbal medicine, Ayurveda practice had embraced herbs and aromatics as an important part of the philosophy of healing. It sees essential oils as a pure Prana (life), the plant’s gift to us for the purpose of nourishment, cleanse, detoxifying agent and overall healing of one’s being. We have decided to share this recipe of comfort and happiness with other people through our essential oils – one drop at a time. At Earthshala, we strive to rekindle humanity’s bond with nature.

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