Esscent Lily Upcycled Incense Sticks


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Country of Origin: India

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Lily is the flower of humility, innocence and prayer. Burning Lily based Incense sticks emanates vibrations of peace and echo of calmness. Symbolic of peace, Lilies are known to have a rare ability of making people feel mesmerized. The scent of Lily not only resolves sight, but also, helps you to stay focused.

These lily scented incense sticks are produced and handrolled out of flower waste. Made up of 60% flowers and is 100% charcoal free.

Each pack contains 40 fragrance enriched incense sticks.

No. of packs = 1

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 26.67 × 5.08 × 2.54 cm

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