Geeleemitti Anti Acne Oil 30ml

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Country of Origin: India

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Most anti-acne creams and gels have way to many substances and while some may be helping you, others do damage your skin. Anti Acne is a creation of only 2 perfect oils – perfect for the acne and for the skin in just the right concentration. Anti Acne is a mix of Jojoba and Tea-Tree Essential Oil, it has the perfect ingredients to tackle that acne and those pimples and leave you with beautiful moisturized skin. This is effective both on your face and anywhere on your body.
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Every Problem you have has a Natural Solution. Through intelligent ingredients and consistent usage we can tackle our issues without using & relying on different lab chemicals and sulphates. Take a look at all your cosmetic products – your shampoo, your cream – they all have sulphates & chlorides that are NOT good for your body. This is why GeeleeMitti produces only those products that are made from the best of nature. A lot of our issues are actually fixable with natural oils, the way it was intended. For you we have everything from hair care solutions to aromatic fragrant Essential Oils. You would like our new non-alcoholic fragrances. We can even have you mix and personalise products them to your preference. Contact us for any questions and we would be happy to help you