Grapeseed Oil – 100% Pure & Natural


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Country of Origin: India

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Major Benefits:

1-Moisturizes Skin

2-Heals acne

3-lighten Skin

4-Tightens pores

5- Reduces appearance of scars

6-Conditioner for hair & scalp

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil

Weight: 25ml


1. Grapeseed oil, 100% Pure and Natural, Cold pressed From Hand Picked, fresh Grape seeds.
2. SKIN AND HAIR: Grape seed oil is Loaded with Vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids and antioxidants which Help Improve Skin and Hair.
3. INCREDIBLE MOISTURIZER – Filled with Nutritious Essential Fatty Acid that Aids and Soothe Away Skin Irritation.
4. Use oil for massage or add a tablespoon in your bath water. Mix with your choice of pure essential oil for face and body massage
5. Ensures shiny, soft and healthy hair: this ultra-moisturizing grape seed oil is the perfect choice for those who want a natural hair conditioner.


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