Green FootPrint Coconut Shell Spoons


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Beautifully hand-carved from coconut shell, these natural spoons make a great add-on to your dinner table. Each is unique and carries along the characteristics of their natural beauty. Untouched by chemicals and polished with natural coconut oil make it food safe and healthy to use.

Earth-Point: These shells used for this product are the leftovers after deriving all the goodness from the fruit.

Measurements: 13 cm x 3.5 cm


  • Hand wash with regular soap water (do not soak for long period) and wipe it dry immediately. To increase the lifespan, you can rub coconut oil every once in a while.
  • Do not use it for extremely hot food or heating in the microwave oven, as the extreme temperature can cause the spoons to crack. Do not refrigerate or use in the dishwasher.
Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 7 cm
Pack of

2, 4

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