Handmade Panchgavya Organic Face Pack & Scrub (Mukha Lepana)


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Country of Origin: India

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In buying this product you help us protect the desi cow breed by bringing in value additon to its existence. Thoughtfully packed in bio degradable zip lock pouches to help you contribute towards a sustainable environment . You also help sustain  the marginalized farmer who strive hard to grow chemical free products. Easy to store and can be tucked into your travel bag while you are travelling for work or pleasure.

Reduce Carbon foot print. Use natural products and help save the earth.

Ancient ‘Vedic ‘ culture had given great importnce to the ‘Desi Cow’.  The bounties that the cow imparts to humans is manifold. Panchgavya in ayurveda means the five elements of the cow like milk, ghee, curd, cow dung ash and distilled cow urine. All these products have nourished and enriched generation since ages.

Ingredients: Masoor dal (red lentils), sandalwood powder, gomaye extract, ambe haldi (wild turmeric), yellow mustard, haritaki, vacha, shatavari, multani mitti, geru, aritha, neem, kapoor kachari, ajwain extract.

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100% natural and chemical free face pack & scrub. Panchgavya in ayurveda means the five  elements of cow like milk , ghee , gomaye extract , curd etc.  All these products have nourished and healed generations since ages. Cow Oil – Ayurveda suggests the use of cow oil to enriched your skin. It contains fatty acids and antioxidants which moisturize and nourish your tissues . Has anti aging properties giving you a youthful glow .

  1. Masoor Dal or Red Lentils: Has been a great ingredient to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. It is a wonderful anti tan agent which helps lighten scars, pigmentation and spots. Has anti aging properties  & works best against acne pimples and scars .
  2. Gomaye or Cow Extract: Has anti bacterial and skin cleansing properties. Its use has not been unknown in our ancient texts for reducing skin infection and improve blood circulation .
  3. Sandalwood powder: Has traditionally been used in ayurveda as a beauty ingredient. Calms and soothes sunburn, suntan acne and rashes. Regular usage helps reduce brown scars and blemishes. Helps fade dark circles & wrinkles and lifts sagging skin.
  4. Ambe Haldi or Wild Turmeric: Has anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. It does not give a yellow tinge to your skin. Slows down the aging process of skin by preventing fine lines and wrinkles. It is a natural antiseptic and helps fight bacterial and fungal infection on skin. Ambe haldi is a natural bleach which lights pigmentation marks on the skin.
  5. Rai or Yellow Mustard: Has been used in beauty rituals in the Indian subcontinent since vedic times. It hydrates your skin while exfoliating. Sulphur content in mustard wards off skin infections. While anti oxidants  work as anti aging agents.
  6. Haritaki: Is a natural cleanser , clearing acne and rejuvenating your skin.
  7. Vacha or Sweet Flag: Is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory.
  8. Geru: Known in ayurveda as a medicinal mineral. Has astringent properties, useful in skin infections and irritations.
  9. Neem: Antibacterial. Treats acne and pimples effectively. Delays signs of ageing. Lightens pigmentation.
  10. Kapoor kachari or spiked ginger lily and ajwaian or caraway are anti inflammatory.
  11. Aritha or soapnut – Works as a natural moisturizer while cleansing your skin, thus making it soft and supple. Lightens and evens skin tone.

Directions to Use: Wash your face & neck. Pat dry. Make a smooth paste with water / rose water. Apply on face and keep for 15 – 20 mins. If used as face scrub appply on face with circular motion of your finger tips. Wash with water.

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