InfiniT AIO – Froga Cloth Diaper


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Country of Origin: India

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Green Diapers InfiniT AIO is the most versatile cloth diaper ever. It comes with a stitched-in insert and two detachable inserts. During the day, you can attach the trim organic cotton booster which lasts for 3-4 hours. For night, you can use the super absorbent organic cotton insert which will work for 8-12 hours easily. In case your baby is an extremely heavy wetter, you can use both the inserts together at night. Once you are ready to potty train your baby, you can remove both the inserts and just use the shell as a training pant. It will soak 1-2 pee and prevent any accidents.

Material: Polyester/organic cotton
Type: All in One Diaper
Benefits: Eco-friendly, Skin friendly, Leak proof,Stay dry

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