Ksamah Disposable Baggase Plate and Bowl & Bamboo Spoon Set 0f 50pcs

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These goods are created from sugarcane pulp, a renewable resource, and are 100% compostable and eco-friendly. These goods are entirely hygienic and disposable at a reasonable price. They swiftly decompose and compost in the soil.


  • Instead of wasting sugarcane pulp, our bagasse products are biodegradable and created from renewable and sustainable sugarcane pulp.
  • Sugarcane goods can be thrown away in the garbage. They can degrade completely in 3 to 6 months in an optimal composting environment.
  • Stronger than most disposable dinnerware and more durable than paper, plastic, or polystyrene tableware, which has a higher environmental effect because it is not biodegradable and is created from fast renewable resources.
  • Bagasse tableware is cut-resistant. These bowls are perfect for soups, cereals, stews, and curries as they are leak-proof.
  • Perfect for houses, travel, or any event.


Bagasse Plate – 10 inches round

Bagasse Bowl – 130 ml

Bamboo Spoon -16 cm

Material: Baggase


Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 43.3 × 31.3 × 10.6 cm

We are a Mumbai based startup (www.ksamah.com) looking to solve the “EARTH CRISIS”.
KSAMAH –Pronounced “sha-mah” is a Sanskrit word which means epithet of the lord -‘The pure one; purity as god’.
We at Ksamah aim to inspire people to purchase aspirational Eco-friendly alternatives to live a more healthy and natural lifestyle, also, give the Earth a chance it deserves.
We have launched lifestyle ecological boxes, which should make it easy for engaged citizens of the world to adopt and move towards the path of saving the environment.

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