KSAMAH Eco-Friendly Animal Spirit Blue & Black Beads Butterfly Bracelet


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KSAMAH Ecological ANIMAL SPIRIT Birchwood Jewellery–
A KSAMAH Exclusive. At KSAMAH, We spent months working & envisaging this category. Waste & harm to environment via non-ecofriendly jewellery is unaccounted for and we have an option for you now. The products are made up of Birchwood, a hardwood & widely available tree, sourced from renewable plantation supplier.
Spirit Animals pieces for the nature lovers. Our current eco- jewellery sets comprises of Spirit Animal pieces of the nature for everyday use, casual wear and parties to make a statement. Get the world on your side and make them part of your cult – DARE TO CARE FOR EARTH. Choose your Animal now!

Care Instruction:
1. If maintained well –jewellery lasts long.
2. Not water resistant. ( do not wear in shower and when swimming,)
3. Do not wear while playing, gymming and performing yoga.
4. Keep it away from small children.

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7.5 × 4 cm

We are a Mumbai based startup (www.ksamah.com) looking to solve the “EARTH CRISIS”.
KSAMAH –Pronounced “sha-mah” is a Sanskrit word which means epithet of the lord -‘The pure one; purity as god’.
We at Ksamah aim to inspire people to purchase aspirational Eco-friendly alternatives to live a more healthy and natural lifestyle, also, give the Earth a chance it deserves.
We have launched lifestyle ecological boxes, which should make it easy for engaged citizens of the world to adopt and move towards the path of saving the environment.

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