Madhav Embroidered Unstitched Blouse Piece


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Lord Krishna & His Flute:

Someone asked the flute the reason for its being so loved by Lord Krishna who governs the whole Universe. “The great emperors like Arjuna and Yudhishthira are anxious to touch His feet. The dust under His feet in Brindaban is even now being respected and put on the heads by the great Kings and other devotees. The great beauties of the world pine to have a glimpse of His smile and yet It is you who is always with Lord Krishna.Why? You are just a small and thin bamboo piece. How could you manage to win so Great Lord? Whence did you get this power to perform such a miracle?” The flute replied, “I have made myself hollow from head to foot (by destroying my egoism and selfishness). The result is that Lord Krishna Himself comes and kisses me. Why should one not give out pleasant and melodious tunes? I have within me the life and breathe of Rama. My tune is His tune. I have harmonized myself with Him.”

Cloth Material: Blended Cotton (We do not use pure cotton to avoid colour bleed)

Length: 1 metre

For stitched blouse please refer to the ‘ Madhav Embroidered Stitched Blouse’


Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 36 × 26 × 2 cm



CHOOMANTARR creates ‘MAGIC’ in the form of handpainted designs, sketches, doodles & embroidery work on fashion wear & footwear. Women of today have come a long way and are truly multifaceted. 

Beauty is something that one can’t really understand. But you still think that person is wonderful. Perhaps it’s just the right combination of personality and confidence. 

It gives us great pleasure to design unique customised fashion wear & footwear designs for today’s confident and radiant WOMAN.

We believe in delivering quality products to our patrons.

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