Dreamcatcher ~ Blue Medium Wall Hanging


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Country of Origin: India

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Dreamcatchers symbolize the yearning for a better life. It is one of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans and was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams. Have you heard the story behind the Wall Hangings? According to Ojibwe legend, there was a spider woman known as Asibikaashi, who took care of all the children on the land. But as the Ojibwe nation expanded, Asibikaashi wasn’t able to reach all of the children every night. So the mothers and grandmothers crafted these windchimes for the children, using willow hoops, natural twine, and feathers. They would then hang them above the beds of babies and children. These Hangings were thought to filter out the bad dreams, only allowing the good dreams to pass through and reach the minds of the children. When the sun rises in the morning, the bad dreams disappear. It is ready to use. These dreamcatchers can be hung anywhere in your home or outside . These hangings can be sent to your lover and kids as a thoughtful gift with love.

Dimension (L X B X H): ( 19 x 19 x 4 cm)

Material: feather and metal

Color: Blue

Weight 0.11 kg


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