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Argan oil is purely the product of the Moroccan Tree. Extracted from the kernels of the tree, the argan oil is used to moisturize condition and soften the hair. Widely used for hair treatment, the argan oil is extremely beneficial for the scalp and the hair strands. The Vitamin E found in the oil is a key ingredient for beautiful hair. It promotes healthy hair growth and the moisture content in the oil prevents dryness and thus dandruff. The Oil is considered to be an excellent agent to control the frizz and in turn promote shine, gloss and manageable hair. We have made use of the Jasmine essential Oil in order to provide that special moisture to the hair in turn it stops the breakage. The oil creates conducive conditions wherein it not only hydrates but also seals the conditioner in the scalp and the hair. The banana extract is a good home remedy to control those frizzy locks. Banana extract contains high amounts of silica which is a common ingredient used in hair conditioners to give that soft, voluminous shine. All natural shampoo – We believe in raising the bar with sustainably produced, natural shampoos, naturally scented with essential oils. Our shampoos are free of Chemicals, Paraben, Sulfate, SLS and Silicon. We believe in using only natural oils and herbs.

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Banana Fruit Extract, Wheatgerm Extract , Amla Extract, Bhringraj Extract, Shikakai Extract, Emulsifier & Binder (Sulfate & Paraben Free).

Concern: For Dry & Frizzy Hair

How to Use: Thoroughly wet your hair. Lather a quarter size amount of shampoo in your palms and then work into your roots. You don’t need to shampoo the tips of your hair. Rinse out all of the shampoo. Apply conditioner, concentrating on the ends. Rinse with cold water.

Disclaimer: For External use only. When using any new product, we recommend a patch test for allergies or sensitivities.

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A Product is only as Good as the Ingredients used to make it!

The Singular motto of these products is to use the power and simplicity of nature to cleanse, soothe, heal and protect your skin. The Products at Mirah Belle Naturals have natural nourishing ingredients that are packed with Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals. We are completely Cruelty Free & Do Not use Animal Products or do any kind of Animal Testing.

Sulphate & Paraben Free
Our Sulphate & Paraben Free Range of Shampoos, Face, Hand & Body Washes prevent the Skin & Hair from Deteriorating by keeping away the Harsh Chemicals.

Discouraged by the harsh commercial soaps available, we began creating our own handmade soaps, skin and hair care products with all natural ingredients. Our bodies are constantly exposed to synthetic chemicals in air, water, and food–why add to the problem by applying synthetic products to your skin and hair. The long term effects of synthetic chemicals on the body are still unknown.

There are four basic natural ingredients used in Mirah Belle soaps, shampoos, bath, skin and hair care products
*base oils and butters
*essential oils
*botanicals *natural additives (like clays and salt)

Organic Beauty Range
The Organic Range of Handmade Soaps, Lip Balms, Salves, Body Butters, Hair & Body Oils keep the Skin & Hair healthy by giving nourishment derived from nature.

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