Namaste Coasters (Set of 4)


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Namaste isn’t merely a greeting. It has a deep, divine meaning. Literally, it means ‘The highest in me bows down to the highest in you’. The ‘highest’ here refers to the Divine Life Force Energy or the Supreme Wisdom that runs the entire universe. Essentially, it means not just perceiving someone based on their external features or possessions; but recognizing their soul as a part of one universal existence. It also means that everything that exists in the universe is a part of the whole; and is in oneness with the Supreme Wisdom.

Material: Reclaimed Teak wood, Brass Bell

Product Contains: 4 coaster , 1 Booklet

Color: Brown


Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 3 cm

In a beautiful winter of 2016, a desire rose. A desire that was kindled by a reflection of a happy, peace and blissful life. The desire was heart-felt, deep and pure. It was to make every being experience the same happiness, peace and bliss.

This transpired into a genuine intention to make Earth a happier place and enhance its positivity. A common desire, a vision and an intention were enough to bring them together, join hands and set off on a journey to turn this into reality.

White Light Elements is an organization that works to spread happiness and peace by promoting a ‘Conscious Lifestyle’. This is a lifestyle that helps you remain in complete awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. To assist in the same, the company has a beautiful range of products based on Conscious Feel Practices. The unmatched, exclusive range comprises mindfulness products, home décor, home linen and mindful clothing.
With a vision — ‘happy beings every moment’, the company’s intention is to enhance the happiness quotient of all beings, thereby bringing about a positive shift in the energy and vibrations of the Earth.


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