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Chamomile is naturally sun dried and withered , thus retaining its natural aroma. Reducing carbon footprint: They are packed in biodegradable packs. Can be easily tucked into your bag and taken to work or pleasure.

Features : Popularly known as NIGHT TIME TEA. Most of are herbs and teas are sourced from small and marginal farmers who strive to cultivate environmentally sustainable teas. We bring premium quality herbal blends to you. Each pyramid tea bag has been hygienically double packed for minimum loss of its delicate aroma.

Benefits : Chamomile relieves anxiety and treats sleep disorders such as insomnia. Eases digestive pain or discomfort. Relieves stomach cramps. Boosts immune system.keeps common cold away.

Quantity : 10 pyramind tea bags

Ingredients : Sundried himalayan chamomile flowers

Type : Natural / ayurvedic

Directions to use : 1. Place one pyramid in a cup of boiling water. Let it brew for 3 minutes.

2. Let the water be infused with the goodness of this herb.

3. Should be taken without milk or cream. Add honey or sugar as per taste.

Best before : Best before 2 years from date of pkg.


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Dimensions 17.78 × 12.7 × 10.16 cm

At Woods and Petals herbals we encourage you to think where your consumables come from. We have been inspired by mother nature & Ayurveda for wholesome wellness & healthy living of mind body and soul. We value and respect the knowledge handed down to us by our ancestors and their respect for nature and its infinite bounty.

We have tried to bring to you traditional nourishing products from mother nature with exotic aromas and benefits in easy to use forms. We do not believe in artificially created products from chemical compounds. Our products are natural and organic. They are paraben and sulphate free. We do not believe in cruelty to animals hence none of our products are tested on animals.

Most of our raw products are handpicked by women in remote parts of India. It is a conscious attempt to encourage marginalized women to be part of this exciting journey and help sustain their families. We want you to be part of our sincere efforts to save the environment, by avoiding the chemically treated product.







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