Natural Fabric Wash Refill Pack 1.2 L (Liquid Detergent) (Pack of 2)


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Country of Origin: India

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EcoSwachh 3R Fabric Wash is a product made of super quality soapnut extract and biosurfactants, designed and developed for clean and quality fabric wash. EcoSwachh 3R does not contain chlorine, phosphates, and other artificial additives that are dangerous to human beings and other life forms. They are free from synthetic dyes and flavour. It is made from safe and natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Aqueous extract of soapnut, botanical surfactants, and biosurfactants

Unique Features:

 Made from safe and natural ingredients, ecologically safe

  • Less foam, effective cleansing, less usage of water
  • EcoSwachh 3R does not contain SLS, SLES, Chemical bleaching agents, Optical shiners, Synthetic dyes and flavour.
  • Maintains softness and freshness of fabrics after wash
  • Purely biodegradable, spent water is to reuse and recycle.
  • Does not contain chlorine, phosphates, and other artificial additives, synthetic dyes that are dangerous to human beings and other life forms

Can be used for: Everyday laundry, perfect for silk, babywear, synthetic fabrics, denim, and bedspreads.

Type of Detergent: Liquid


Machine Wash:

Use 20-25 ml of EcoSwachh 3RTM for top load machines, 15-20 ml for front load machines.

Put EcoSwachh 3RTM in detergent compartment. If not, add the gel directly on the clothes or add in to a glass of water and pour on clothes.

Bucket Wash:

Hand wash/bucket wash- Add 20-25ml of EcoSwachh 3RTM for soaking and follow the regular washing procedure.

Quantity: 1.2 L x 2 = 2.4 L

Shelf Life: 18 Months from date of mfg

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