Neelam Joda Bracelet and Earrings

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Handcrafted neelam hoops and bracelet with handcrafted matching thread with the closing of pearl and style of emerald to give you style quotient of today and always. the combination always make you stylish and smart to carry anyday.

Size Measurements : circumfrence of bracelet = 24 cm (adjustable); diameter of bracelet = 10 cm; length of earring = 6 cm

Material : Silver

Color : Blue

Type of Craft Work : Pearls

Total no. of pieces available : 1

Care Instructions :

1.Take off your jewelry before you perform any sports.
2.Gently clean your jewelry with a soft, clean cloth to maximize the shine.
3.Sort out your jewelry whether it is imitation, pearl, gold, and silver so that you can use different methods for cleaning them.
4.Store your jewelry in zip or drawstring purses.

Weight 1.2 kg

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