Neem Wood Comb – Wide and Narrow Spaced Teeth – Detangling & Styling – Pack of 1

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Made in: India

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Simply returning to our roots with this one. Neem wood combs have multiple benefits to our scalp, hair and health! Full of medicinal, antibacterial properties, a good choice for you and also the planet! Why Neem? Because it has medicinal & antibacterial properties. Anti-static property prevents weakening of hair roots and hence strengthening your hair. A powerful sturdy neem wood comb, which is able to probably outlive you and you’ll pass it on as your heirloom! (Trust us you’ll be thanked!). Packed in a minimal plastic-free zero waste packaging! Use as you’d a plastic comb. For its cleaning, use gentle soap and dry it out. If it breaks, you’ll be able to send this neem comb into the compost bin, break it further for faster composting. This remains the most effective part of this wooden comb for hair!

CONTENTS: 1 wooden neem Comb



Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 28 × 10 × 2 cm


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