Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil 10ml

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Country of Origin: India

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Widely known for its aroma and amazing medicinal properties, sandalwood oil is extracted via the steam distillation of the wood shreds of matured sandalwood trees of around 50- 80 years old. It is said that the older the tree, the more sandalwood oil you can get from it. However, the quantity is also directly proportional to the price. The growing demand is also the reason behind the high price.

There are however, multiple uses of this beautiful essential oil. Here are some :

1. Clean and Bright skin – Sandalwood is a time tested remedy for skin beauty, it reduces acquired blemishes on the face and skin. Simply mix sandalwood oil with your regular moisturiser and add to face, or put a drop or two on a wet cotton pad and rub gently. Wash off after 30 minutes or keep on overnight.

2. Prevents skin ageing – Sandalwood oil has fantastic anti ageing properties. This has been used by Indian women for centuries for flawless and beautiful skin. Add a few drops to a wet cotton pad or to a moisturiser and apply on face and watch as you never seem to grow old.

3. Aromatherapy – Sandalwood oil has amazing effects on the body and mind. It has been known to be the wealth scent in ancient times, where the rumour was that sandalwood around the home attracts wealth. Commonly used in spas and 5 star hotels nowadays, diffusing sandalwood oil can make you feel like a king.

4. A great disinfectant – Putting a couple of drops of sandalwood oil in cleaning solution or in the washing machine can do wonders for removing all traces of bacteria along with adding a fantastic lingering scent. Especially helpful if you deal in the hotel or spa industry

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